Bodies Are Disgusting: Art III

This week’s art post is a bit of a spoiler, so catch up with it under the cut!

dougieFor a while during the development of Bodies, I was regularly attending trivia at Battle & Brew (side note: if you’re in the metro-Atlanta area and want a cool place to hang out, B&B ought to be top of your list). One evening, I sketched what would be the first concept of Doug as they appear at the end of the story. It didn’t come out quite Doug-ish enough for me to finish the sketch, but it served as a good jumping off point for what I eventually¬†did clean up and finish:

avatar doug(Incidentally, this doodle happened at work, because I was in a position where I spent a lot of time on the phone on hold. Since I kept my head down, kept my metrics up, and got stuff fixed, my supervisors didn’t bat an eyelash at me sketching avatars of cosmic horrors in a legal pad.)

Both of these sketches actually date from relatively early in the development of Bodies. The back third of the story was finished almost before the front third was, and the hardest part was stitching the two pieces together in a way that built the tension I wanted.

Next week, we’ll have a look at some finished pieces. :)