Bodies Are Disgusting: Art IV

Like last week’s foray into the art of Bodies, this week contains some spoilers. The meat of the post can be found under the cut!

avatar doug a

This image was originally slated to be the cover of the story once I’d completed it. As you can see, I finished it a little over a year before I actually finished the story itself, so I had plenty of time to reconsider. The primary reason I decided to go with a different image was because of the spoiler factor. I’ve always disliked getting half-way through a book and realizing that the cover image gives away a huge plot twist that may be gently foreshadowed but not too obvious otherwise. The other reason had to do with the feedback I received when I posted the image online: it was just a little too creepy for some people, and I didn’t want to immediately turn off potential readers by having an off-putting image on the cover.

As an aside, I actually have the tentacles from the background on my bank card because I am a gigantic nerd.