Bodies Are Disgusting on 8tracks

bodies are disgusting

To celebrate the fact that I’d finished the draft, a few months ago I decided to distract myself by putting together a Bodies Are Disgusting mix on 8tracks. Since I’ve been seeing a lot of folks take advantage of the free reviewer copy offer in the past couple of weeks, I figured it would be appropriate to share the mix with you all.

Bodies Are Disgusting – A mix for when you realize that an eldritch abomination is about to devour the world, and it’s all your fault.

Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman) Tool | White Ashes Peter Gabriel | Just Another Day Oingo Boingo | A Thousand Angels Rachel Macwhirter | Bad Wings The Glitch Mob | Der Ring Der Nibelunging E Nomine | We’re In This Together Nine Inch Nails | Sound the Bells Dessa

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