Music Monday #4

The Grand Experiment – Doomtree

It begins with a flash
I know they say it ends the same
bit of skill, bit of chance
now every player guess the game
we start with these planets waltzing through the darkness
tip the axis, that one’s ours
zoom the camera in, cue lights up, dim the stars
We shape the stone
paint our pictures on the wall
we hunt alone, plant in spring
learn to harvest in the fall
and we choose a king, mine the metals for his forges
to better wage our wars and all of Olympus is laughing
until we go and split the atom

Push that metal on down the road, we built this city on coal and gold
Money that trickles out, fill up that cup and sip it down
from the salt in the sails on down the rails
Everything’s for sale is the golden rule
including…well, I’m no fool
They get in a rush in a haze but I get out of mind, out of body, out of pocket
I don’t mind putting on a bit of mileage, but I won’t auto pilot with my eyelids shut
I’m still gunning, but I learned what’s worth hunting
and I learned what’s worth nothing
saw it
read it
outdone it

STEF (hook)
There’s no escape
They always looking for that easy out
but there’s nowhere to go
There’s no patience
They always looking for that easy out
but there’s nowhere to go

Now all the parts are running, sparks are spilling out the gears
Over some thousand faces waiting years to see this work
Aching cause they need it first
Patient, but they seem berserk
Craving for that feast of merch
Yo! Save a slice for me and her
Isn’t it marvelous…just darling (it’s the newest thing)
It’s totally harmless, but it’s charming (it’s the cutest thing)
But, it bites…not hard…just hard enough to break the skin
and your bone
and your back
and the bank
But wait, it comes with a warranty
for a week, and that’s respectable
It’s cheap and it’s ethical…well, it’s ethical…well, it’s magical really
See, you put the cash in the till, fill in the blanks and that’s it
For my next trick I’ll need your password and an exit
and then poof
cue the fog machine


Modern man
out of hand
motor mind
off the line
automate the operator
Can you hear me clearly?
I’m gonna live forever
give me guerilla arms
sling shot me into outer space in hyper colored glitter bombs
We’ll make our mark huh?
They’ll put no stops to us
We’ll leave our footprints on foothills and dance the Megatropolis
pushing evolution faster
catching continental drifts
Desperately Seeking Solutions to problems we know we’ll never fix
In the belly of a robot
out the valley of a microchip
Dialysis in Wonderland
Apple Z the viruses
I’ve never been myself, there is no human experience
you can’t Apple S yourself
this is The Grand Experiment