Music Monday #1

(In order to liven the place up a bit, I’ve decided to start a recurring theme, Music Monday. Every other Monday, I’ll post a song and lyrics– where applicable– for everyone to enjoy.)

Seamstress – Dessa

I kept an angel
In a box beneath my bed
Little beast had broke her jaw
And I tried to fix her head
They said I had to put her back
That I had to put her back exactly where I found her
But I know I saw
That she was doing good, till the cat got her

And I came to write a letter
But my pen was full of hymns
I came to drown a sorrow
It seems they’ve learned to swim
Mouth full of pins and heart pumping gasoline
It’s late
I’m still at the sewing machine
Stitching up strays fifteen years
But this one’s mean
But I fixed you up
When they said you were past repair
And I stitched you up
I thread a needle with my hair
And I fixed you up
When you were still a common sparrow
But look whose on the shoulder now when the road goes narrow

I kept an angel
In a box beneath my bed
Little bitch had broke her jaw
And I tried to fix her head
They said I had to put her back
That I had to put her back exactly where I found her
But I know I saw
That she was doing good, until the cat got her

Well I’m putting you out of my misery
We ain’t got much but we’ve got history
It was a mercy kill
It was a suicide
It was an accident
Well at least I tried

Wait soft drugs and seam ripper
Tough love and tape measure
Stitching up boys is different that way
You fix a bird you buy it a cage
You fix a man
You fix a man, and he flies away

When I ran out of thread
I couldn’t let go
But that’s not sewing
That’s, that’s just poking holes
And it’s a strange breed
A different kind of creature
That looks for love through the eye of a needle
But the creed of the seamstress is
That you’re pretty in pieces

I kept an angel
In a box beneath my bed
Little beast had broke her jaw
And I tried to fix her head
They said I had to put her back
That I had to put her back exactly where I found her
But I know I saw
She was doing good, until the cat got her

Take a seat and let me get a look at your face
Busted, back’s been broke for days
Not much, little something for the pain
Don’t fuss, or we’ll never get a seam to lay straight
And I keep it clean as I can adjust
Adjust the machine in a mattress plus
I never did need for a pattern
Just some good restraints and my bedside manner

When I ran out of thread, I couldn’t let go
But that’s not sewing, that’s, that’s just poking holes
When I ran out of thread, I couldn’t let go
But that’s not sewing, that’s, that’s just poking holes

A little taste of what’s to come!

I know that I have not been providing a lot of updates recently, particularly in the art and writing department. Part of that is because I’ve been spending a lot of energy on work, and part of it is because it’s getting close to release time for CorgiHat. However, I’ve definitely been writing, and thought I’d share the first couple thousand words of my current project, tentatively titled Alonso Munich Is Now Dead. This project is less horror and more supernatural mystery. The sample can be found below the cut.

Continue reading

MomoCon 2014 AA Seating

Well, the seating chart for the MomoCon 2014 Artists Alley is done, and now I can share with you all where I’m going to be in about a month!

Artist Alley Seating ChartThis year, the AA will be in the Mariott, separate from the Dealer’s Room. I will be sharing a table with the fine folk of Crystal Dreams Studios, and we will be in Blue-6! Please feel free to stop by and say hello!

CorgiHat User Experience Survey

As I’ve mentioned before, my father and I have been working together on an Android application we’ve dubbed CorgiHat. It’s been a labor of love for about the past six months, but we’re finally coming into the home stretch, where we’ll have something tangible to show to the world.

To celebrate this, we’ve created our first User Experience Survey over on Google forms. If you are an artist/artisan who does commission-based work, it would mean a lot to us if you could spend a few minutes to fill out our survey. None of your information will be shared with third parties, all of the fields are optional, and the only purpose your responses will be used for is to make our application better.

MomoCon Preparations

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted; I hope you all enjoyed Read an E-book Week! I know I picked up some cool stuff.

Anyway, my next big event coming up is MomoCon 2014! I’m very excited, as I will once again be both vending and helping run things as Assistant Director. We’ve got a new venue, which is very exciting, and I will be providing details about my exact location in the coming weeks. I will be sharing my table with Crystal Dreams this year, and we’ve got a lot of cool stuff in store that I’m really excited about. I’ll also have physical copies of Bodies Are Disgusting as well as some Bodies-related prints.

In the interim, for the rest of the month of April, I’m doing a special: if you purchase a physical copy of Bodies Are Disgusting on, you can download the Kindle version for free!

I’m really looking forward to seeing folks at MomoCon!

Read an E-book Week (March 2 – March 8)


Read an E-book Week is coming, and here at Harpy’s Nest Designs we’ve chosen to celebrate it by enrolling Bodies Are Disgusting in Smashwords’s RAEW catalog! From March 2 to March 8, Bodies will be available free of charge with the coupon code RW100. You can also check out the rest of the catalog when it goes live and choose from a wide selection of e-books to read and enjoy at a discount.

Bodies Are Disgusting on 8tracks

bodies are disgusting

To celebrate the fact that I’d finished the draft, a few months ago I decided to distract myself by putting together a Bodies Are Disgusting mix on 8tracks. Since I’ve been seeing a lot of folks take advantage of the free reviewer copy offer in the past couple of weeks, I figured it would be appropriate to share the mix with you all.

Bodies Are Disgusting – A mix for when you realize that an eldritch abomination is about to devour the world, and it’s all your fault.

Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman) Tool | White Ashes Peter Gabriel | Just Another Day Oingo Boingo | A Thousand Angels Rachel Macwhirter | Bad Wings The Glitch Mob | Der Ring Der Nibelunging E Nomine | We’re In This Together Nine Inch Nails | Sound the Bells Dessa

Listen Here

CorgiHat Development Blog Now Open!


I am pleased to announce the opening of the CorgiHat Development Blog! I have been working on this project for several months with my father, and we are finally to the point where we’ve begun development. To quote our first post:

“Corgi Hat Development is working on a suite of Android applications that work together to help independent artists, craftspersons, and small business folk. The initial offering will be a project tracker that will help coordinate the process of delivering contracted pieces.”

We’re really excited to be working on this project and I hope that you will join us on our journey to create a wonderful suite of applications.

Limited-Time Offer: Free Reviewer Copy of ‘Bodies Are Disgusting!’

Bodies Are Disgusting

So, kind internet, I have a favor to ask of you. This link leads to the Smashwords page of my novel, Bodies Are Disgusting. It is a horror novel heavily influenced by Lovecraftian themes, Japanese horror games, and the guro genre. The main character is a trans person (I wrote them to be genderfluid but I’ve had several folks say they read them differently, and that’s cool too), and most of the supporting cast is queer as well. I hesitate to say that it’s “queer horror” because the characters’ queerness isn’t the point of the story, but it definitely has an affect on the way the story progresses.

If you’re still with me, here’s the favor. If you follow this link, you can use this coupon code and get it for free: LN66G The only thing that I ask in return is that, if you read and enjoy it, you leave a review/rating at your favorite retailer. It’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and a couple of other places too. It’d also be cool if you told your friends about it.

Now, the story does come with a few warnings for: body horror, cannibalism, gore, violence, some sexual situations, and attempted rape. I have also seen a couple of people say that it should have a warning for scopophobia, and I’ll defer to their judgement on that one.

You can download the story in just about any format you like from the Smashwords page. Once you’ve read it (and hopefully enjoyed it), all I ask is that you leave a review somewhere and share the story with anyone you think might also enjoy it. This is a limited-time offer, though, as the coupon code will expire March 17th, 2014.